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What's my Soul Path?

It's your Soul Path that leads you to your true destiny. Your Soul Path is decided by your Astro-Self. Your Astro-Self is giving you a deep driving desire. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny. 

But sometimes our Astro-Self gets clouded by the social and environmental conditionings. And we get confused and keep struggling in the paths that are not in harmony with our Astro-Self and the result of this conflict gives us discomfort, frustration, sadness, discontentment, feeling of unfulfillment. 

Vedic Soul Astrology sheds some light on our Astro-Self and its knowlege gives us the idea of soul path. when we walk in our soul path towards our true destiny we feel fulfilled and blissful

Brief about Kabeer

Kabeer is blessed with extraordinary intuition, understanding, and wisdom. He has been doing research in astrology since 1998. He has done M.Phil in Biotechnology.
He has been on a spiritual journey for the last 10 years, initiated, followed various spiritual sects, traditions, and concepts of eastern and western philosophies.

Currently, he is working on his book "Secret Science of a Bliss Hormone". 

His readings and guidance are deep, motivating, unique and different from conventional astrologers.

What To Expect

  • When you book an appointment for the first time, you might not know what to expect.

  • Before your appointment, you’ll be asked to provide your date, time, and location of birth. 

  • When you attend your appointment face to face or online, Kabeer will interpret your chart with you and go through his findings. This can be a deeply personal process, but don't fret – most of the time the revelations are very inspiring, motivating, reassuring and uplifting. 

  • Three different one-hour sessions will shed some light on your past-life, what this life has stored for you. Also helps you to understand your challenges, talents, career direction, relationships. 

  • Also guides practical roadmap to live your life with full potential. 

  • Finally suggests some easy remedies and clearing your blockages, negativity with his powerful energetic practices that leads to your desire fulfilment and blissful life.


How to find my Soul Mate?

The person who takes you toward your soul path is your soul mate.



Astro Self & Soul Path Analysis

£ 108.00

Full Potential Life Coaching

£ 108.00

Desire Fulfilment & Removal of Blockages

£ 108.00

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